Navigating Screens in Jetpack Compose (DevFest India 2021 - Mobile Track)

Navigating Screens in Jetpack Compose (DevFest India 2021 - Mobile Track)

Hey Android developers 👋,

Now everyone is aware that Jetpack Compose is the future of Android UI development. DevFest India 2021 just happened this month (October 2021) and it's a treasure of learning for everyone. I was also one of the speakers for the mobile track where I spoke about "Navigating screens in Jetpack Compose" on the second day. It's a great experience for me as well to speak at such a large conference. Here are the details of the session.

If you somehow missed attending the session, then these are resources for you!

What is DevFest

DevFest India is the largest annual developer’s fest organized by Google Developer Groups across India. This year, it's for all of us for 3 exciting days packed with learning, networking, experimenting and swags for a few winners! Know more about it

Session Recording 📺

This is the YouTube video published by GDG India who premiered DevFest India 2021 live on YouTube.

You can seek to time 38:55 for watching my session

Slides 🧑‍🏫

Here are the slides which I created for the session.

Topics covered 📚

  • What's the navigation
  • How was navigation (Before Jetpack Compose)
  • Why Jetpack Compose navigation?
  • Setting up Jetpack Compose navigation in a project
  • Navigating screens
    • Navigating to the Composable
    • Navigating with options
    • Navigating back
  • Navigating dialogs
  • Navigating with arguments
  • Navigating with OPTIONAL arguments
  • Deep linking in Navigation
  • Hilt and Navigation
  • Interview questions

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Thank you! 😀

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