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I’m a 22-years-old self-taught developer from Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India primarily interested in Android and Kotlin things. I love to build products, apps, and helpful libraries. I love contributing to the community by writing blogs/articles and making open-source projects which can help fellow developers to learn things. I also like teaching things so sometimes I do public speaking as well. I spend a lot of my development time contributing to open-source projects. Most of it started by myself which can be found on my GitHub profile. I believe “Sharing is caring!”. Other than this, I love Music!

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Exploring "select" expression of Kotlin coroutines

Sep 27, 2022Hey Kotliners 😁,Kotlin Coroutines is a very powerful library that comes along with a lot of APIs which provide out-of-box functionalities. In this article, we will look at one of the APIs i.e. select expression. What is a select expression? 🤨 While...

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